Pictured below are pups from past litters.
These pups are NOT available.


F1B and F2B Labradoodle Pups

(1st generation or 2nd generation bred to a Poodle)

Monay and Brutus Pups

Cagney and Brutus

Multi-Generation Labradoodle Pups

Rufus Brown & Darby(our breeders as pups)

Darby and Rufus Pups

Snickers and Juniors LitterĀ 

Kimber and Juniors Litter

Cream Puff and Cody Pups

Meg and Rufus Pups

Marilyn and Red Devil Pups

Daphne and Brutus Pups


1st Generation Cockapoo Pups

Sadie and Marcus Pups

Lulu and Marcus Pups

2nd Generation Cockapoo Pups

Trudy and Marcus Pups

Trudy and Kenny Pups

Becky/Fanny and Kenny Pups

Flo and Kenny Pups

Flo and Mr. Howl Pups

Ruby and Leo Pups

Indy’s Merle colored pups

3rd Generation Cockapoo Pups

Becky and Leo Pups


1st Generation Pekapoo pups

Tubby/Cajun pups(1st Litter)

Tubby/Cajun Pups(2nd Litter)

Kimmie/Robbie Pups

Mabel/Robbie Pups